The power of collaborative learning

Write for Us!

We are always looking for contributions to this blog. Here at TeachAldenham HQ, we are always happy to be sent a blogpost that:

  1. Is by a teacher or educator anywhere in the world, or even better, a staff member from the Aldenham School Foundation 
  2. Is between 500 and 700 words and includes at least 1 relevant picture and hyperlink.
  3. Has content relevant to current teachers and education at Aldenham (regardless of the point of view)
  4. Includes a brief 2 or 3 sentence biography of the author, including a twitter handle (if you have one) or an email address.

More detailed guidance and suggestions for articles will follow. Some advice about writing education blog posts can be found here from Tom Sherrington aka HeadGuruTeacher  I will update this post with links to further guidance whenever I add any to the site. You can email content to me, here