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#TopTenTips for a Successful School Year @aldenhamschool #pedagoofriday

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When you’re basking in the joy of July, September seems a mile off. However, the start of the school year comes around without you realising. We’ve searched resources, asked our colleagues and browsed the internet to find our top tips to ensure you start as you mean to go on, and enjoy a successful school year.


  1. Hold high expectations of your students

Believe in your students, and make sure they know you believe in them too! Set clear objectives and goals that they will have to work hard to attain so that achieving them feels even better.

  1. Have a sense of humour

Where appropriate, laugh at your own mistakes and don’t be afraid to not take yourself too seriously.

  1. Try something new

A popular saying is, “If there is no risk, there is no reward.” Trying something new can be rewarding and fun, and if it doesn’t work out, your students can understand that even if things don’t go as you planned, it’s how you deal with them that helps you move forward.

  1. Be consistent

Introduce clear rules at the start of the year and make sure you stick to them, whoever the student and whatever the situation.

  1. Think outside the box – make it fun!

No matter your subject, introducing creativity, arts, drama or even experiments can encourage students – especially those with different learning patterns – to connect to a concept on a different level.

  1. Empathy

Students can get tired or stressed too. Make sure you give them a break if you need to.

  1. Know the basics

Do the groundwork on your class before your first lesson, so you know any possible problems that may arise. Saying that, don’t let their past mistakes govern your opinion of them as the long summer can enable many to mature.

  1. Learn names

It always impresses the students when you know their names before you meet them. It also helps with early discipline and rewards, and establishes a relationship almost straight away.

  1. Create the optimum environment

Spend time making your classroom a place which is conducive to learning, and will encourage students to view you as an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher.

  1. Don’t stress

You’ve been here before, and even if you haven’t, you’ll get the hang of it very soon! Enjoy it, you love teaching!



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