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15:00 Wednesday 22 June 2016

The polling station is now closed!

Thank you to everyone who came and voted, and for your support.

We hope to have not only the results but also some stats on turn out numbers thanks to Mrs Fulford and the Maths dept and will update in due course.

I actually have no idea and I am curious myself as to the extent of the sentiment, either way, that we voted.


I am sure you are all aware as a result of the campaign posters, Aldenham School will be conducting its very own EU referendum this Wednesday, one day ahead of the national referendum.

Both the ‘Remain’ team, represented by the Economics Dept and the ‘Leave’ team, represented by the Politics Dept, will be presenting their cases on Monday’s Chapel. Please do attend if you can.

All students and staff, teaching and non-teaching, are invited to vote on Wednesday, thus providing the students opportunity and experience to do so, while also providing the sentiment of the school. The ‘polling booth’ will be in the Library. We have allocated break time for Martineau’s and the rest of the school at lunchtime.

Kindly, the Maths Department have offered to be the independent verifier of the vote and Mr Ford his ballot box.

If you would like further information regarding the EU Referendum and the case to remain or leave that is slightly more highbrow and away from the simple and polarised debates being promulgated by the media, I have done my best to provide a balanced level of information for both.


Here is a 20 page pdf from ‘Economists for Britain’ that is fully referenced, outlining the various options and renegotiation packages that would be available to us should we leave and also concludes with the preferred options.


If you would prefer watching something, ‘Brexit: The Movie’ provides over an hour’s evidence that leaving would be best for Britain. It is crowdfunded, written and presented by Martin Durkin.


Here is a 20 page pdf from ‘The Economist’, which lauds the case to remain and makes no shame of it, planting an unapologetic flag at the start. Again, sourced with the inclusion of some chart data.


Again, if you prefer watching something, Sir John Major gave an emphatic and well-crafted delivery at the world’s most prestigious debating society, the Oxford Union. His credentials as former Foreign Secretary, Chancellor the Exchequer and Prime Minister and someone ‘who was there’ when shaping our involvement in the EU ensures that he himself counts as a source. While shorter in length at only 30 minutes, I hope the quality of the speech makes up for it.

I do hope the above is of some edification along with the presentations on Monday in Chapel and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday partaking in the vote!

Kind regards,

Mr L.M. Flindall

Head of Economics and Business
Assistant Housemaster of Leeman’s





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