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I Can’t Do It… Yet! @aldenhamschool Prep @SarahGalpin2 #GrowthMindset

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Sarah Galpin has been teaching at  Aldenham Prep since September 2014 and is currently the Year Six  teacher. She is also the Science and Maths Coordinator.

At Aldenham Prep we have been laying the foundations to create the right learning culture to promote growth mindsets. This is what we have done so far:

  • First having a Staff Meeting to ensure that we are all creating the learning culture.
  • Having a Whole School Assembly presented by Year Six on Growth Mindset. The assembly included a story on perseverance and not giving up; famous failures, poems on being successful, not giving up.
  • Ensuring as a staff we are planning effective starts to lessons with clear objectives (WALTs – We are learning to)
  • Generating whole class Steps to Success (Success Criteria) so children know how to be successful – with effort they can achieve (modelling examples of good and poor examples)
  • Developing the learning by effective questioning of individuals.
  • Response marking – tickled pink and green for growth – looking for ‘best bits’ and making improvements. All work is acknowledged but comments are given which are followed up and responded to and have a positive impact.
  • Shifting to much more within-lesson quality feedback: seeing and analysing a range of excellent and not-so-good examples at the beginning – using the visualizer; constant reviewing during the process; learning partners cooperatively identifying success and making improvements during the process (With partner children putting one book on top of each other – making the improvement together there and then. Author making the improvement in pencil).
  • No hands up sessions – to encourage thinking.
  • Encouraging children to magpie good ideas and working to reach success.
  • Praising with a focus on achievement AND effort.
  • Creating an environment that helps children know that ‘I can grow my brain.’




Encouraging children to think ‘I don’t know it YET’ / ‘I can’t do it YET!’

At Aldenham Prep we recognise that promoting a growth mindset amongst pupils and staff is an on-going process. Already we are seeing more positive results. Growth mindset – we haven’t fully developed it YET but with effort and perseverance we will!

Useful Websites:

Practicalsavvy.com Inspiring quotes reflecting the Growth Mindset



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