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 I’m Jamie, and I work as a motivational speaker across the UK and Internationally. Since starting my journey as an inspirational and educational speaker, I have found that I differ from most speakers in style, message and delivery. But the biggest difference is because of the reason as to why I started talking. In 2012 my 19 year old nephew, Connor, was murdered by a 14 year old boy with a single punch. After experiencing first hand how much destruction it has caused my family, it prompted me to start my “1 punch can kill” workshop, which has just been voted the best in the world. Which I carry out nationally and globally. And it shows, amongst so many other things, that you can turn a massive negative into a big positive.
The name “the grief preacher” was given to me by one of the inmates inside Parc Prison in Bridgend. It’s a name that connects to so much of what my talks, lectures & workshops cover.  
My style is very much street-orientated, and my message is what I call “going into the trenches” as I’ve seen so much sugar coating and fairy dust from other speakers, telling all kinds of audiences what they want to hear, as opposed to what they need to know! I know that a young age does not protect or make someone exempt for adult problems.. I know there is grief, stress, worry, depression and anxiety bestowed on the shoulders of the youth of today, that’s where I want to give inspiration & education, That’s where I want to give hope, that’s where I want to give peace and comfort to those in distress. And that’s where I find the results most rewarding. 
One particular piece of feedback I received cements this fact for me. A boy messaged me saying (briefly) “I suffer from social anxiety, and after hearing you speak today it has given me hope, and made me want to achieve my ambition of becoming a history/French teacher. Because what you won’t know is I had planned to commit suicide tonight, and you have stopped me” this showed me, that what I do works! 
My delivery is to the point, forthright and filled with passion; this has lead me to speak in schools, colleges & universities, which numerous speakers do. But on top of this I speak in youth offender institutes, prisons, local authorities, I speak to dysfunctional families and in gypsy traveller community sites as well. It’s a very diverse clientele, but shows how highly respected my message is held. It’s the reason why I can be inspiring year 11 pupils before their exams one day, and then educating murderers/ category A sex offenders on not committing their actions again the next!
Through all the above, I’ve made some amazing friends, none more so, than the audience that you really can’t blag or pull the wool over the eyes of, and that’s the comprehensive school/college pupils- and I think the reason for this is I wear my heart on my sleeve, I strip myself to my bare bones and show them that I’m in this with them. I have experienced these troubles, I’ve suffered too and there’s no shame in any of it- let’s hit this (problem) head on and see if we can shed some light on it, because we are IN THIS TOGETHER!! 
Another element of my talks, which has made it possible for me to talk to millionaire businesses (even though I’m NOWHERE near that myself) is my aspect on “work philosophy” and purely “keeping it real” with the importance of “character” leading the way. My message is about integrity and character: 
This is not just advice for starting up your own business, but sustaining it also. Principles of Effort, Sacrifice, Resilience and struggle are explored in depth to give pupils/adults a Rock solid foundation on which to build on. I speak about “pain” being a friend as opposed to being the enemy, and how it can be channelled to get you to where you want to get to, and make you into the person you want to become! 
What I have done with my very humble sole trader business has been out of the ordinary and has led me to have numerous articles in local & national newspapers, national magazines, national radio interviews, awards, and even a BBC programme made…for which a series was offered, but I declined! 
The reason why my talks have such high impact is because I practice what I preach. I never ever talk about things because they sound deep, or because they make me look good. I always talk about issues that I can back up and have experienced or suffered with myself. This reiterates the fact that, whoever I’m speaking to, “WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER” 
My message is from the heart, my message is from experience, my message is from the deep desire to want to change people’s lives, not to become a millionaire or famous etc, but to just be happy. If your ambition is to become a road sweeper- amazing, just the BEST road sweeper you can be. I think life has too much hurt and pain in it to be caught up in the “get, want, desire, acquire, gain, success” mentality, happiness is truly the most important thing!! My message is set up to break the shackles of materialism, and instant gain. It’s about getting what’s important, and working hard for it – to which a true “attitude of gratitude” will be got.
So whether it’s youth violence education, lifestyle inspiration, or Christian ministry, I bring a lot to the table… I just want to help whoever I can wherever I can! 
Twitter @griefpreacher

Website www.connorshelpinghand.com

Email connorshelpinghand@hotmail.co.uk


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