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A movement to encourage Diversity in school leadership #WomenEd @miss_wilsey @WomenEd

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Alone we can do so little… by Hannah Wilson | Staffrm This blog post originally appeared on Staffrm 

It has been an exciting few weeks at #WomenEd HQ with lots of things coming together.


Thanks to @equitableed for hours of hard work on pulling together everything and creating a stunning website. You can check it out here:



We now have 2000 followers! This has snowballed since we launched in the Spring and created our Twitter account at Easter. If you are not already following us, you can find us here:



The programme is looking fabulous and we have a few session slots to now fill. We have 4 strands: Diverse Leaders, Authentic Leaders, Confident Leaders and Juggling Leadership + Life. The facilitators are a group of very inspiring role models. Check out the sessions on offer here:



The StaffRmers who will be contributing to date are (I will cross-reference and update this): @suecowley @jillberry @benniekara @summer @abster @crista @inspiration4teachers  @hecticteacher  @astsupportaali  @conorheaven  @mshmfl  @butterflycolour  @vivg  @ncroberts  @sdrummond  @byusuf  @curriculumni  @thosethatcan @theheadsoffice @mariaalex @jopenn @naureen


@vivienne and @jules did a site visit to Microsoft HQ last week to check out the space and the technical requirements – more information to follow if you are facilitating…


Our EventBrite goes live this morning at 7am! 75 early bird tickets will be released – they are only £25, you get to connect with some fabulous #WomenEd leaders and you get a free lunch!



We are a not-for-profit organisation, we are doing this to connect people and not to make money – any profit made will be donated to charity. We are in chats with PlanUK and Care as 2 charities who have values that mirror ours in empowering women in and through education.


Following the event the idea is that we will launch regional networks to connect everyone who meets through #WomenEd This will enable connections to be sustained and have impact, we are not a one event and disappear kind of thing! If you are interested in leading or co-leading one please get in touch!


Other things:

* Watch out for an online article from @jillberry about #WomenEd

* Watch out for a #WomenEd TES article by @keziah

* Watch our for a post from @helenamarsh who is organising a #WomenEd digimeet on 13/9

* Meet @equitableed and @misswilsey at ResearchEd on 5/9

* See @misswilsey at the #WomenEd stall at #TLT15 on 17/10

* We have also had an offer of a host for a #WomenEd residential event in the Spring… but let’s get the unconference out of the way first!

What a brilliant few months it has been launching the Steering Group and connecting with so many inspiring educational leaders. The support has been overwhelming!

Thanks from all of us: @misswilsey @helenamarsh @jules @keziah @nataliescott @equitableed @vivienne





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