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Tickled Pink and Green for Growth marking #PedagooFriday with Sarah Galpin

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IMG_1262[1]  I use the Tickled Pink/Green for Growth Assessment for Learning marking scheme across the curriculum in Year 6. I use a pink highlighter for parts of the work that have met the Learning Objective and Success Criteria  and I write my comments in green.

Written comments at the end of the child’s work clarify for the child what is good and what can be improved or extended. A  question or comment is always written for children to respond to in order to develop their learning / work further.


Success Criteria (‘Steps to Success’ or S2S) is usually generated by the children and displayed on the board. This criteria is also stuck in the children’s books for me to mark to and to highlight in pink or underline statements in green.

Ticked Pink Green for Grown marking exampleFollowing our TeachAldenham meeting this week, it’s clear that lots of colleagues are also using similar initiatives in classrooms.

If you have questions or comments about this sort of marking, email me on SMGalpin@aldenham.com or leave a comment below.




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