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Why Choose Aldenham? A Music and Drama TA perspective #ukedchat #PGCEChat #GetintoTeaching

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Georgina Middleton gives her perspective as a Graduate Drama and Music Assistant at Aldenham School

Georgina Middleton L and Kim Onions R at the Sixth form dinner Winter 2014

Georgina Middleton L and Kim Onions R at the Sixth form dinner Winter 2014

I stumbled upon the Graduate Drama/Music Assistant role after finishing University last summer. Having always wanted to teach it seemed the perfect year of experience to truly decide whether this was the right profession for me.

The school couldn’t have been more welcoming, everyone was hugely helpful and the strong sense of community made me feel right at home. I have been so well supported by members of staff, whether it be help with my UCAS Teacher Training application or simply directing me when getting lost around school!

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On a day to day basis my time is split between Drama and Music. My role in the Drama Department assisting in lessons, rehearsals and activities has been a hugely rewarding one. I have learnt so much from the department thanks to the hands on experience I am gaining and I cannot wait to take my knowledge forward into what I hope will be a successful teaching career.

Observing lessons has also been valuable in terms of furthering my knowledge. By having the opportunity to witness some fantastic teaching techniques and seeing the way in which different members of staff conduct their lessons I have been able to take inspiration into my own lessons and constantly improve the way I teach.


Even in this short space of time spent at Aldenham it has been so rewarding watching pupils gain confidence, particularly in drama lessons. Whereas at the start of the year some pupils were reluctant to perform they are now volunteering and actively becoming more involved in lessons.

I am very thankful of the opportunity I have been given at Aldenham School as it has made me realise teaching is the right profession for me and has given me strong foundations and knowledge on which I am looking forward to building on.

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