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Photography Club Successes @AldenhamLibrary @AldenhamSchool #Photography #EdTech #UKEdchat

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Anthony Nelson, Aldenham’s School Librarian and Leader of the Photography Club gives an overview of the power of photography here: 

CLOCKTOWER by Enis Baty Year 7

Photography is a set of skills and techniques. It can also be an art, a craft, or just a hobby. It draws on all of the arts – including painting and sculpture – for its inspiration, and all art draws its inspiration from nature and the human condition. In the digital age, the boundary between photography and graphic design is blurred by photo enhancement software.

PRODUCT SHOT by Brandon W, Year 11

Most importantly for Aldenham pupils, photography can become a lifelong passion. It is certainly something that has to be developed over many years, and although pressing the shutter button is easy, there is always more to learn about subject, form, treatment, enhancement, presentation and photo styles. Photography is nearly 200 years old, and some knowledge of how it developed over that time helps us grow as photographers. Young people love the practical nature of photography – the best way to learn about it is to do it.

CLASSIC PHOTO by Alina Markovich Year 12

At Aldenham’s Photography Activity, pupils learn how to use a camera: how to frame and compose a shot, and how to compensate for lighting conditions. They learn about the history of photography and look at iconic photographs. They look at contemporary photographs to see what other photographers are doing. Mostly, though, they go out and about taking pictures and trying to improve their skills, or they use the studio lighting kit to achieve specific goals. Some of them go on to develop their own photographic style, and this is what photography is actually about.

PIANO by Conor Bell Year 11

The Photography activity at Aldenham has been very popular ever since it began in 2010.  5 years and 95,000 photographs later, you can now see the very best of Aldenham Students’ photography on our specially – prepared Flickr page:  https://www.flickr.com/groups/aldenhamphotoclub (The Group is free to all to join and comment. The posting of photos is moderated and restricted to members of the Aldenham Photography Club Activity. Most of the current content is uploaded from Club archives)

EYE COLOUR SPLASH by Conor Bell Year 11

For more information about Photography Club, find me in the School Library or email me.

Anthony Nelson | Aldenham School Librarian | Photography Activity Leader


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