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What’s your Why? On Motivation & #GrowthMindset with @thereal_mrbeezy

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Adebola Adeoshun, or Mr Beezy as he is known, is a motivational speaker in schools and colleges across London. In this blog he gives his perspective on how to inspire students to achieve…

When it comes to supporting the modern day student, the best method I have found when working with schools, teachers and students over the past 5 years is to help the students to find their own self motivation.

Here’s a video Mr Beezy produced called ‘What’s your Why? 

In many cases, teachers can dictate to students, why they need to work hard and why it is important that they become successful. One method that I have found to be effective is helping students to identify for themselves why they want to be successful. Most students have reasons why they want to be successful, when you touch the right buttons, you tap into a long-lasting motivation that will carry students through the toughest of times or even the laziest of times. The tricky part I’ve found is helping the students to find a reason strong enough that will help to keep them motivated. Although it’s difficult for teachers to separate time aside for each student, knowing why each student wants to be successful will help the teachers to understand the students and help to build a rapport with the students of a deeply centred emotional foundation. Teachers can use the student’s ‘why’ as a reminder when students are not performing to their full potential or when students have lost sight of their why.

Mr Beezy after speaking to a group of students in January 2015

Another technique that I have found to be effective for students is creating a fun learning environment with high energy. Students retain a lot more information when they are having fun whilst they are learning, if you do research in your school, you will find that students are performing better and achieving better results in the subjects they enjoy more. I understand that not every lesson can be ‘fun’ but teachers can create an energy that motivates students to learn. Teachers can break the norm of teaching and do things that are not usually done, for example, start the lesson with an ice breaker, play some upbeat music, or break into different interactive exercises during the lesson. Another method that is great for students is teaching them creative ways to revise, I tend to refer to how students remember lyrics to songs and I get them to adopt the same techniques to remembering the information they need to for their exams.

Mr Beezy

If you want your students to perform at their highest level of potential in their exams, they must understand why they need to do well and the reason should motivate them. When they have a strong reason why they want to be successful, it will push them to do work when they don’t feel like doing it and it will inspire them to go and make their loved ones proud. They must believe in themselves, that comes from the parents and the teachers, students know when people don’t believe in them, our job is not to judge the students but to show them unconditional love and give them all the support they need. When you believe in students, it boosts their confidence and helps them to believe in themselves. Nobody is perfect, we need to understand the students and how they function and use adaptive techniques to cater to the different needs of the students.

Every students is great and has the ability to be transformed into a student who can achieve their dreams. Lets help them identify their why, create an engaging learning environment and lets show them unconditional love by not giving up on them.

For more information about Mr Beezy, find him on twitter @thereal_mrbeezy or go to his website, www.mrbeezy.com


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