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#TMAld Why Use Twitter and ‘Tickers’? with Lee Flindall

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Do you want to encourage your students to engage with the wider issues of your subject? Inspire students to track and monitor the news for links between your subject and current affairs? Do you want to find an easy way to get feedback from your students? Lee Flindall’s presentation on using Twitter and ‘Ticker’ will give you some ideas. 

Department Twitter Account

Self made rules:

  • 1. Max 3 tweets a day
  • 2. Only send tweets at appropriate times
  • 3. Usual time is 3 articles, AM, before school
  • 4. Do NOT follow anyone else
  • 5. With twitter you can also provide a weblink to follow, if student does not have Twitter
  • 6. https://twitter.com/lflindall


Department Ticker click here for a link to an LED moving message sign.

  • Students are asked as they enter the room and settle, about any latest news and prompted to check twitter.
  • This enables me to keep track of who is actually getting involved, following the news, showing and interest and perhaps spark a quick conversation.
  • The headlines they tell me I then type into my scrolling LED ticker.
  • Left to scroll for the rest of the lesson. Even if the student is a ‘day dreamer’ at least when look around, might absorb/take something in.
  • Idea inspired by the scrolling news tickers in Times Square and Canary Wharf

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