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#TMAld Spaced Learning with Clara Nugent

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Clara wrote about Spaced Learning as the subject for her action research back in March 2014. Find the Research  here Making long term memories in minutes: A spaced learning pattern from memory research in education

Find Clara Nugent’s Presentation about Spaced Learning from #TMAld here on SlideShare

Transcript for presentation

  • What is Spaced Learning? • TOTALLY breaks the rules! Rote, passive learning with little student interaction – Chalk and Talk at its VERY BEST! • Short intensive bursts of lots of information – 15 slides in 5 minutes • A ‘rest’ period – students to do something physical or creative during the break • Repeat cycle a second time • Repeat cycle a third time – this time students may ask questions, discuss, fill in gaps or make notes


  • Why Does Spaced Learning Work? • Research published in frontiers of Human Neuroscience in 2013 – Timed patterns of repeated stimuli (periods of ‘highly compressed instruction’) followed by timed ‘distractor activities’ – Learning shown to greatly increase in speed and responded particularly significantly when coupled with distraction – When applied to university exam situations, results showed significantly higher outcomes • Research shows that repeated stimuli interspaced with periods without stimuli can lead to gene activation and the initiation of memory protein laydown that strengthens synaptic bonds or… • IMPROVED MEMORY!


  • Spaced Learning at Aldenham • Pilot studies conducted with Year 8 Set 1, Year 10 Set 4 and Year 11 Double Set 1 • Significant evidence of retention under exam conditions demonstrated by specific questions • Undertaking a study into Spaced Learning as a revision technique with Year 11 students over an 8 week period



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