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Assessment for Learning Project Overview Summer 2014

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Dear All,

I am delighted to inform you that we will be embarking on a Teaching and Learning initiative next year in collaboration with Dr Christine Harrison from King’s College London. Christine has over 20 years’ experience working in pedagogical research at Kings. She has many published works using Assessment for Learning (AfL) to develop teaching and learning and has worked directly with Paul Black and Dylan Williams at King’s. I attach her recent review for your attention. She is presently working with two independent schools, St Bedes College and City of London School for Girls where she has successfully embedded AfL into the teaching ethos of the school.

Christine will be joining us on our staff Inset day in September 2014 where we will launch the AfL project. In the first year 10-12 staff will form a ‘pioneer group’. These staff will attend training days with Christine to develop their practice and enhance pupil learning. The pioneer group will implement these strategies and feed back to whole staff. The  group will then recruit ‘buddies’ and train those staff in AfL strategies, along with Christine, which they will implement into classroom practice. We will then move on to building professional learning communities where all staff can access AfL strategies across the school.

The implementation of AFL is in response to Key Strand 2 in the School Development plan: “2.1 Target for value added performance of at least one grade per subject at GCSE – Devise mechanisms to raise expectations further for pupil attitudes towards learning and achievement”

The outline of the programme is below. If you would like to register your interest for selection for the pioneer group please contact Julia Dobbin on jddobbin@aldenham.com to express your interest. The group will be chosen in early September following the Inset training day.

Programme for AfL September 2014-5

Mon Sept 1st   10-1pm          

Raising Awareness of AfL and the Aldenham Learning project

Whole School inset

Tues Sept 16th 1-5pm             

Questioning and Dialogue in the AfL classroom

Pioneer group of 10-12

Wed 5th November

6 staff 9-12

6 staff 1-5pm

Planning for Formative Opportunities

Pioneer group of 10-12

Tues 2nd Dec 1-5pm              

Role of Feedback

Pioneer group of 10-12

Jan date to be confirmed

Self and Peer Assessment

Pioneer group of 10-12

Feb date to be confirmed

Focusing on Implementation so far/Preparing for supporting Buddies

Pioneer group of 10-12

Easter date to be confirmed

Preparing for classroom visits

Pioneers and Buddies, 1 session in the morning and 1 in the afternoon each of about 10-15 people.


Final session in late June        

Buddies and Pioneers.

1 session in the morning and 1 in the afternoon each of about 10-15 people.

Julia Dobbin


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