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Why undertake Lesson Study?

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Debbie Ferrer, English Strategic Leader in Education at Bentley Wood High School, explains why she’s working with the National Teacher Enquiry Network on a Lesson Study trial.

Last month at #TMAld I presented on how Bentley Wood is preparing to embed Lesson Study in the CPD approach for the next academic year and beyond. Here is more detail and some links to relevant websites on this topic.

As a way to develop our CPD, Bentley Wood High School has joined the newly formed National Teacher Enquiry Network. It offers a superb framework to help us deliver the best CPD programme we can. A central feature of NTEN is the support offered for the development of Lesson Study.

Lesson Study is a Japanese model of teacher-led research in which a triad of teachers work together to target an identified area for development in their students’ learning. Using existing evidence, participants collaboratively research, plan, teach and observe a series of lessons, using ongoing discussion, reflection and expert input to track and refine their interventions.

The Japanese Lesson Study model has been advocated in the UK for some time both by the National College for Teaching and Leadership and its predecessor organisations, as well as the Department of Education.
We at Bentley Wood, are trialling this over the next half term, and aim to embed Lesson Study into our CPD approach; moving towards a more long-term evidence-based view of lesson observations. This is an approach which supports both teaching and support staff, and allows for collaboration in all aspects of teaching and learning. Colleagues who have used this approach support this, and have stated that the Lesson Study approach proved transformative. “The pedagogical discussions we’re having around the staffroom simply wouldn’t have happened before”.

Lesson Study is definitely something which will gain more impetus over the next year and beyond. Here’s a link to David Didau’s view on grading lessons and Lesson Study, which he gave at the National Teacher Enquiry Network Conference in February 2014.

 Our staff are becoming become more embedded in developing and challenging their own pedagogy and ingrained beliefs about learning itself. We are very excited to see where this journey takes us!

For more information see these links above or contact me on dferrer@bentleywood.harrow.sch.uk

Debbie Ferrer is an English teacher with over ten years of classroom experience. She is working presently on adapting and innovating the new KS3 curriculum at Bentley Wood High School, the department has been recognised as one of the top 10% in terms of pupil progression.

Debbie is an English SLE and is a Strategic Leader, focusing on pedagogy at Bentley Wood High School.


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