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#TMAld feedback from Alison Leigh

Thank you for inviting me to contribute to Friday’s Aldenham Teach Meet. I’m invited to speak at literary festivals all around the UK and abroad, but talking to colleagues was by far the most daunting challenge I’ve faced so far! It was a really enjoyable evening and the enthusiasm of everyone there was inspiring.

If anyone would like to take a look at what I do outside of teaching, you can find links to all my books, and social media sites, on http://leighrussell.co.uk

My books are usually on offer on kindle for less than £1. Cut Short (shortlisted for a CWA Dagger Award, recently #1 on iTunes) has a middle-aged teacher as a main character. Schools and young people also feature in Dead End (selected as Best Fiction Book of the Year in the Miami Examiner, voted Best Crime Fiction Book of the Year in Crime Time UK) and in Cold Sacrifice, the first in my spin off series which launched last year.

If you would like to vote for a fellow teacher in The People’s Book Prize where the winner is selected by public vote, Stop Dead ( #1 overall on kindle this year) has been nominated for this national award. I would really appreciate your vote! Simply enter your email address and you will be sent a password to use when voting. It only takes a couple of seconds.  http://www.peoplesbookprize.com/book.php?id=1070

I’d love to win this prize, as the organisation supports the Eradicate Illiteracy campaign, something that is important to us all.

MFL teachers might also like to know that my books have so far been translated by Mondadori (Italian) Bastei Lubbe (German) Cite Editions (French) Kassandra (Turkish)

With best wishes

Alison Leigh

English Teacher, Aldenham School

Author: TeachAldenham

Online profile of TeachAldenham, Aldenham School Teaching and Learning Group. teachaldenham.wordpress.com Find us on twitter @teachaldenham

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